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What makes us different?

Built by
Operations Managers

Our founder, Peter Grillet (LinkedIn) was an Operations Manager who had to onboard & train more than 50 people in a rapidly evolving company. This became impossible to manage as a single person.

To solve this issue he created a platform for onboarding new team members and training existing ones.

As part of London's leading Operations communities, it became clear to Peter that other Organisations were facing similar issues. So, the decision was made to create a platform allowing others to benefit.

Development kicked off early 2020 with 3 clear focuses...

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After speaking to people at all levels in Startups, Multi-nationals, charities, online communities... it became evident that the solution would need to be useful for all levels of an orgaistaion from Interns to CEOs.

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Link perforamnce & training

There are lots of disperate platforms out there that solve different parts of the Learning & Development process, however, these don't link the opportunity to automate training and manage people's progress.

This link is a game changer for mananging both growth and expections.

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Focused on saving time

For the platform to be useful and worth investing people's time into it, it had to be useful everyday but, this shouldn't sacrfice time.

The platform needs to evolve with the team and it's training needs but not bog people down with constant configuration and needing to edit the same content over and over again.

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