Empower your team to develop themselves

Remote friendly performance management with self-serve courses. Designed to enable rapidly evolving organisations save time & money

automated training + personalised support + visibility

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Searchable Articles

Leverage the knowledge and experience already in your team by making it visible

Uncover Best Practice

Leaders can create Articles which can be tagged and are searchable, making key information accessible

  • Share info currently hidden on "the drive" or, in outdated booklets
  • Free experienced team members from repetitive questions
  • Add video and images to make the content engaging
  • Retain learnings in the business after key people leave

Self-serve Courses

Consistently improve the team's productivity, without sacrificing time or quality

Automate Training

Create self-serve on-boarding or, role specific courses, by turning Articles into Lessons. Ensuring nothing gets missed and making it possible to track progress

  • Capture & deliver training once, train hundreds of people
  • Updating one article keeps all relevant courses up to date
  • Quickly review progress of individuals or the team

Target Setting & Tracking Tracking Progress

Ensuring your team or community are pushing themselves forward

Empower everyone

Team members have profiles making it easy to understand who fits in where, track expectations and their achievements

  • Team Members: always know where to find answers and, what they need to do next
  • Line Managers: can set goals with objectives, review individual's progress & maintain a log of 1:1s, keeping everyone accountable
  • Training & HR Managers: get an overview of progress and the detail needed to keep leaders accountable
  • Founders & Exec's: can review the organisation's progress & plan with high-level metrics
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Mix 'n' Match Content
Articles, Lessons & Modules can be added to multiple courses, meaning compliance updates can be added or updated once, and all relevant courses will be updated instantly
Manage 1:1s
Managers can track learning & development goals as well as one to ones, ensuring everyone gets the support they need. Even when a manager leaves
Searchable Profiles
Figure out who that cute guy in the kitchen is, or who might be able to help in the legal team by searching for names, job titles or teams
Multimedia Lessons
Make training more engaging than a printed word doc with video, images, links to external content...
Past Progress Awareness
If you have completed a lesson or module in a previous course, it will be marked off in your current one so you only have to do lessons once
Convert Articles into Lessons
Upload content as articles then, when you realise team members need a more structured process, simply add the articles to a course
Individual Progress Tracking
Team members can see what lessons they need to complete, so can managers & leadership. Making it easy to see who needs support
Organisation Wide Metrics
Leadership can get snapshots of all kinds of information - courses to be completed, recent one to ones, who needs to complete their one to ones...
Responsive Design
Works on devices of all shapes and sizes so team members can learn in the office or on the way to a site

Case Study

Discover how an Operations Manager used our system to save over 140 hours in six months while onboarding new team members. We'll also cover how our platform came about...

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